Bakker Belgica

Flemish pastries, baked with passion, sold with a smile. 

Find us at the Pure Markt Frankendael and Buurderij Amstelkwartier

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Bakker Belgica bakes traditional Flemish pastries in Amsterdam during the night to let you enjoy them fresh and delicious in the morning. Perfect with your coffee, glass of wine, or simply to brunch like a Belgian! Currently available at Pure Markt in Park Frankendael and at the Buurderij Amstelkwartier (Boeren en Buren).

My partner order them for breakfast on our anniversary and it truly made my day!– Alex
Super bedankt voor de heerlijke koeken. Vandaag waren ze wederom een groot succes! Tot volgende week!- Manon (Innoleaps)
Ordered them as a treat to the office for my birthday and all the colleagues loved it!- Olga (ABN AMRO)
The breads were delicious! Thanks! High chance that I will order again in the future!– Okki (Adidas) (and they did!)
Ze waren echt helemaal de bom!!!! Super bedankt! Iedereen was echt heel enthousiast. Fijn weekend!- Marijn
Heerlijk! Nog nooit zo'n leuke vergadering gehad 🙂- Katinka
Delicious way to start your day!- Karel (Deloitte)
Mmmm, koffiebroodjes zijn heerlijk! En precies op het goede moment– ‎Marloes
Everything was amazing! Thank you so much.- Sarah
Yum! Perfect on a Friday 🙂 thank you Nick for this perfection 😉- Julia
Those pastries were amazing! Thanks for bringing them to us!- Sarah
Amazing taste!- Robbert



Fruitspiegel met appeltjes

Look into this little mirror and you will see fresh apples baked in fresh vanilla-based crème pâtissière. Good looking, even better tasting!


Vlaamse boterkoek met rozijntjes

The Vlaamse Boterkoek is the classic. Its beauty is in its simplicity, softness and amazing taste. It is my absolute personal favourite and actually my reason to start Bakker Belgica.  I love it!


Lange Suisse

Really special and soft taste. The Lange Suisse is famous in Belgium for its tasty combination of crème pâtissière, brown sugar and raisins. The white fondant on top makes you want to eat a second one!


Fruitspiegel met kersen

Our top-seller and absolute favourite of all clients. The Fruitspiegel met kersen en crème pâtissière. No words are needed; try it and let yourself be seduced.


Gents rond chocoladebroodje

This round chocolate bun is for all the chocolate lovers among us, with Belgian chocolate inside and on top. Extra soft on the inside with the baked-in crème pâtissière, deliciously crusty on the outside!


Carré chocolat

This squared pastry with fresh crème pâtissière inside and Belgian chocolate on top, was so popular as our February ‘Pastry of the Month’ that we had to add it to our permanent menu. Let yourself be seduced by this special one!


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In the early morning I bake in the professional kitchen of this restaurant on Eekholt, Diemen. It is a very nice place, go check it out!